360° Video and Virtual Reality in the Sport Industry

Examples of 360° Virtual Reality Video's in the Sport Industry


There is a world boxing championship happening in Las Vegas tomorrow evening. You live in Johannesburg South Africa and want to see the boxing match. You don't have the time or money to go and watch the boxing match live, and all ringside tickets have been sold out. Now you can with Virtual Reality you can have your ringside tickets, and watch the boxing match as if you were there!

Extreme Sport in Virtual Reality

Some sports are so extreme that many people will not get to experience it first hand. With Virtual Reality it is possible to experience the sports as if you are doing them yourself.

It also provide you the opportunity to experience just how extreme some sports are and how much it takes from the athlete to perform such sport.

NIKE First Person Soccer Experience

In the near future it might be possible for viewers to view soccer games in fist person. Here is a video that Nike did at a soccer game. If you view it through a Virtual Reality Headset it feels if you are the soccer player. This is an awesome example of Virtual Reality can take you in sports.

360° Live Sport Events in First Person

This video is a good example of how Virtual Reality and 360° video is changing the sport scene.

If for some reason you cannot make it to the game, you can watch it in 360° video from wherever you are at anytime and experience the field, athmosphere and game as if you were there.

Virtual Reality also offers you the opportunity to go to places where you might not be allowed to go into normally like the players locker rooms.

Samsung Gear 360: Freestyle Soccer in 360°

It seems like all the Big Technology brands are jumping into Virtual Reality. On the left is a short video that Samsung created showcasing some Freestyle Soccer.

The Topshop Virtual Reality Experience

Interesting video that BBC Click did on Virtual Reality.