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Virtual Reality in South Africa

If you are looking for a reputable Virtual Reality company in South Africa take a look at the newly launched Virtual Reality site. The new site showcase some of the Virtual Reality services and Augmented Applications available to South African companie … Continued

Virtual Reality South Africa

Virtual Reality Rentals in South Africa

The Virtual Reality Rental company is one of the most experienced virtual reality rental companies in South Africa. They have likely done more activation”s and rentals of virtual reality equipment than any other company in South Africa. They have an e … Continued


FNB South Africa – now you can renew your license online

Today I attended the FNB South Africa launch of the FNB Nav Cars application. This application allows FNB customers to renew their car licenses online which I think is super cool. I myself bank with FNB and can appreciate this functionality. One of the … Continued

Virtual Reality for Events and Brand Activations

Heighten Experiential Events, Use Virtual Reality A pop culture takeover is in progress. Virtual reality is redefining experiences and changing how consumers interact with brands and products. For those of us who want to be somewhere but cannot physica … Continued


Live 360° Video and Virtual Reality Events

Add Value to Live Events Using Virtual Reality The resolute growth and increasing popularity of virtual reality is geared to have a trans-formative impact on the events industry. It offers a unique experience that goes beyond attending a live concert, … Continued


Virtual Reality games is going to change gaming forever

Today I was browsing the internet and I stumbled across a video “TOP Realistic Graphics Next Gen Most Anticipated Games 2016”. At the time the video received more than 2.4 million views on YouTube and I thought it must be good. I watched the video and … Continued


The Role of Virtual Reality in Improving Business

The development of new products is largely necessitated by the needs and requirements of business. A primary focus of business is uncovering new and improved methods and ways to preserve resources such as time and money. Virtual Reality has presented a … Continued


Markex 2016 Sandton Convention Center 360 Video

Markex 2016 draws in the crowds JOHANNESBURG – July 07, 2015 –Thousands of visitors braved the cold in Sandton, Johannesburg yesterday, ensuring their entrance to the opening day of Markex 2016, the targeted promotional product expo. Markex is running … Continued


Google Cardboard Branded for South African Businesses

We have recently sold quite a few Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets to South African Businesses. At the last count we have sold more than 15 000 Google Cardboard VR Headsets. The companies whom have bought the Google Cardboard mostly use it as … Continued


Experience Rio Olympics 2016 in Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard

The imminent Rio Summer Olympic games are set to kick-off in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this coming August. Despite longing to be in the midst of the leading international sporting event, the reality is that most of us won’t get a chance to experience Rio … Continued

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