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This is just some of the news related to virtual reality that we found to be interesting!

PlayStation VR South African Release

Back in 2014, Sony claimed the center of attention in the information superhighway (the internet) when they announced that they had been working on a project known as Project Morpheus for over three years. It was later revealed that Project Morpheus wa … Continued


Virtual Reality in the South African Real Estate Industry

We have recently received some awesome exposure from the Independent Home insert which is published in the Cape Argus, Cape Times, The Mercury, The Star, Pretoria News, Diamond Fields Advertiser, Daily News, Isolezwe news papers that are part of the In … Continued

Real Estate Virtual Tour

Simola Hill Climb 360° Video for Google Cardboard

The Virtual Reality company took one of their 4K virtual camera rigs to the 2016 Simola Hill Climb in Knysna from 6 – 8 May to capture the excitement of this unique event in 360 degrees. It was the third Hill Climb sponsored by Jaguar and the seventh r … Continued


360° Live Streaming Video – Google I/O 2016

360° Live Streaming Video – Google I/O 2016 This is one of the most awesome experiences I have had since the launch of Virtual Reality and 360° video. I am a technology junkie and love technology. Heck we already build our own virtual reality 360° vide … Continued


Virtual Reality Game: Hellblade 360° video teaser

If you are not excited about virtual reality yet, you should check out the Virtual Reality Game Hellblade 360° video teaser. We are just in the beginning stage of virtual reality. Think of virtual reality at the moment, as smartphones back in the 90’s. … Continued


Buy Google Cardboard in South Africa

If you are looking for a shop to buy Google Cardboard in South Africa you just found it. We sell Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses. The Google Cardboard glasses is made from high quality cardboard and optical lenses. The VR Cardboard glasses is … Continued


Great White Sharks 360 Video

One of the things I personally like most about Virtual Reality and 360° videos are the places they can take you to, the things that you can see like you have never seen it before. In this short video we are taken under the sea straight into Shark terri … Continued


What is Virtual Reality?

It is hard to explain what virtual reality is without seeing it for yourself. In essence virtual reality is an environment a user enters into which is displayed to the user on a display. The display can vary from computer screens, mobile screens or eve … Continued

what is virtual reality

YouTube 360° Live Video Streaming

On Monday, April 18, 2016 YouTube announced on their official blog pages that they will be adding live 360° video streaming to the YouTube platform. This is awesome news for 360° video fans and owners of Google Cardboard glasses or any other Virtual Re … Continued


Google Cardboard South Africa

We have recently started selling Google Cardboard Version 2 virtual reality glasses. If you are looking to buy virtual reality headsets or Google Cardboard in South Africa you can visit our online store for more information on Google Cardboard. You can … Continued

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