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We live and breath Virtual Reality!
Here is some of the latest Virtual Reality and 360° Video News from accross the world...

This is just some of the news related to virtual reality that we found to be interesting!

Huawei Virtual Reality Headset for Huawei Smartphones

Until very recently the Samsung Gear VR Headset was the only (well-known branded) headset available to South African’s when buying a Samsung S7 smartphone. On the 18th of April Huawei announced their Virtual Reality headset and the headset will soon be … Continued


Virtual Reality Agency in Johannesburg South Africa

The Virtual Reality Agency is based in Johannesburg South Africa. We offer the full three hundred and sixty solution when it comes to producing 360° virtual reality video’s and virtual reality application, software and development of VR Solutions. Virt … Continued


360° Video Live Broadcast of Cancer Surgery

One of the most exiting things of our time is to be witness to technologies that are in the Pioneering stage. Most people aged from 30 and upwards have seen technology evolved like no generation before. We have seen slow internet connections go from di … Continued

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