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The Virtual Reality online shop sell Virtual Reality Headsets like the VR Case, Google Cardboard and 360° camera rig systems.

Virtual Reality Headset with WIFI Android – Dorry HA554

PC Virtual Reality Headset

The New Virtual Reality Headset Dorry HA554 VR Headset has its own build in display. The display size is 5.5 inches big and offers Full HD resolutions at 1980 x 1080. The Headset also have its own Hardware platform and features the Rockchip RK3188 Cort … Continued


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360 Camera Rig – 12 Camera System


The 360° Camera rig is a professional rated 360° Camera Bracket for GoPro 3+ Series cameras. The 360° Camera rig is made from high quality Aluminium Alloy making it strong and extremely light. The 12 Camera Action 360° Camera rig is made for serious 3D … Continued


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VR Case Virtual Reality Headset


The hottest technology trend of 2016 is Virtual Reality. Some of the big companies like Samsung launched their Samsung Gear VR headset, Huawei launched their headset and HTC theirs. Google, Facebook and Microsoft are also among the giant companies prom … Continued


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Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses


The Google Cardboard Virtual Reality glasses is made from cardboard. It is the cheapest method of experiencing quality Virtual Reality at an affordable price. It is also the ideal corporate gift for companies that want to showcase their 360° videos or virtual reality productions.


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