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Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headset for Hire

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Oculus Quest Rentals

We are one of the most experienced virtual reality companies in South Africa. As part of our service offering we offer the Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets for hire. We have 10 Oculus Quest Virtual Reality headsets for hire and can source additional Oculus Quest VR devices if you need more for your event.

oculus quest virtual reality headset for hire

oculus quest virtual reality headset for hire

What is 3DOF Virtual Reality vs 6DOF Virtual Reality?

What does DOF stand for and is 6DOF better than 3DOF?
The good news is that the Oculus Quest have both 3DOF and 6DOF capabilities. However it is still good to know the difference between 6DOF virtual reality and 3DOF Virtual Reality.

DOF means Degrees Of Freedom, the number of different “directions” that an object can move in 3D space.

3DOF VR headsets can track your head orientation, it knows where you are looking at and the 3 axis are roll, yaw and pitch. 3DOF Virtual Reality experiences is typically good for 360° Video.

3DOF - 360° Video Virtual Reality Experience.

Below is a typical example of a 3DOF Virtual Reality experience. 3DOF Virtual Reality experiences allows you to view 360° in virtual reality.

6DOF headsets will track orientation and position, the headsets knows where you are looking and also where you are in space. This is sometimes referred to as roomscale or positional tracking.

6DOF - High-End Virtual Reality Experience

Typical example of a 6DOF Virtual Reality experience where you can move inside Virtual Reality similar to how you move in real life.


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