The Virtual Reality company is a South African based virtual reality and augmented reality company. We create awesome virtual reality and augmented reality experiences for clients. The company was founded by Gerald Ferreira, for more information about him we have included an overview of him below:



■ Project Manager, Team Leader ■ Online, Digital Marketing Manager ■ SEO Manager ■ VR Business Unit Manager ■ VR Software Development ■ Augmented Reality Development

Offering a strong base of high-tech experience – 1) developing products and solutions for Virtual Reality for use in Marketing & Advertising, Education and 2) Online Marketing, with specialty in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – delivering optimal exposure for big brands and large corporate websites. Robust skills in managing projects, teams and business units.

  • 22 Years experience in IT, Web Development, SEO and Virtual Reality
  • Specialist in developing VR solutions, AR solutions, product development and innovation; and in SEO delivering ‘against the odds’
  • Typical clients: ABSA Bank (Barclays), Toyota, BMW, the BBC, Investec, Ford, Honda
  • Speaker at numerous Tech / Marketing / Innovation conferences – such as the Commonwealth Telecom Organization (CTO)

Key Skills:

  • Virtual Reality Innovator
  • Virtual Reality Software Developer
  • Product Development, Innovation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • 360  Video
  • eCommerce R Project
  • Business Management

Image: Gerald Ferreira founder of


Founder | Head of Development Virtual Reality

■ VR 360 ■ Virtual Realities ■ Virtual Reality ■ Augmented Reality (Johannesburg, South Africa)
1998 – present

FOUNDED and head the 3 companies 1) VR360, a company that creates Virtual Reality Tours and 360 video; 2) Virtual Realities, which develops innovative VR technology solutions and 360 video equipment; and 3) Virtual Reality, a video production company and high-end virtual reality and augmented reality development company.

Manage the businesses and pioneer VR innovation, product / solution and application development, spearhead new business development and project manage delivery of products and services to clients – leading teams, managing resources & relationships.


Gamification of Learning to Use Bank Mobile App (2018)

Created a VR game for Standard Bank (Africa’s largest bank) in 2018. The game is aimed at acquainting players / bank clients with branch operations, transaction procedures and service features – making if fun to learn about Standard Bank mobile banking applications.


VR Experience & Game for Largest Pay TV Service in Africa (2017)

Created a VR experience for DStv Now and DStv Box Office (DStv is the largest pay TV service in Africa). The experience encompassed a 5-level game for mobile / smartphone, laptop, computer and television for viewing movie trailers. Developed in 2 weeks. – More information about the Virtual Reality Game and Experience.


Online Education Solution | Exhibited at London, UK Expo

Developed a VR application for students to perform science experiments for Extramarks (one of the largest online learning platforms for school children). Headed a national activation that achieved a record-breaking number of new clients for the platform. Notably, the game was exhibited in London, UK at the Better Educational show, 2018.


VR Game for Big Bank | Performance Target Exceeded by 3-Fold (2016)

Created a VR game for ABSA Bank South Africa (in the top 4 largest banks in Africa). Through new VR technology and gamification created a game to teach customers about ABSA’s rewards programme. Activation was extended from 1 month to 75 days due to popularity. Target of 50 ‘sign-ups’ per day was exceeded 3-fold, with 150 per day achieved. Game was created in 2 weeks.


VR Related Speaking Engagements & Media Coverage

Was an expert invited speaker at: 1) The 10th Annual Social Media Conference (Johannesburg); 2) Africom 2017; 3) Innovation Hub 2017; 4) Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization (CTO), 2017. Also served as an expert consultant quoted and featured in articles and on programmes on eTV, on IT Web, in the Saturday Star Newspaper, in Media Week, in Finweek, Brainstorm Magazine.

Founder | Internet Marketing, SEO Consultant

■ Gerald Ferreira ■ Dominate SEO (Johannesburg, South Africa)
1999 – present

PROVIDE specialist consulting and technical services spanning Web Development, Website Design, Software Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to large corporations vying for ultra-competitive web rankings.

Manage associated development projects, business development, client relationships and technical capability and delivering of technical services, teams and technologies. Clients are in the Online Casino, Travel, Events and Automotive industries.

Sample Online Casino Client Project

Developed online SEO strategy with all associated analytics, social media, PR, YouTube videos, individual banner management, copywriting and content management. The project a total of 1,000 websites (1,800 pages per site), 12 languages (English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, French, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Danish and Russian).

The team include 1 Developer (Gerald Ferreira), 5 outsourced Copywriters, 1 Graphic Designer, a Video Editor and Voice Over Artist. Project achieved “Top 10” Google rankings for the main brand websites (for ultra-competitive search terms such as “casino”, “poker” and “online casino” and results have increased visitors by +/- 20,000 visitor per day.

Project Manager | Website/Web Developer

■ PC Excellence (Johannesburg, South Africa)                                                                                                                                   2000 – 2003

MANAGED a team of 20 with skills spanning Software Development, Web Development, Graphic Design, Presentations. Project managed web and design projects and managed Sales and Marketing


■ Stargazer Advertising Agency (Johannesburg, South Africa)                                                                                                          1995 – 1999

MANAGED a team of 10 across the disciplines of Marketing, Desktop Publishing, Logo and Advertisement Design & Layout, Web Design and Development, Programming and IT Support.


Technical Specialties:

  • Virtual Reality Technology, Innovation, Solutions & Applications • Software Development • Web Development • Outsourced Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Consulting • Affiliate Marketing • Google Adwords & Adsense • Google Analytics • Social Media Strategy, Innovation • Graphic Design • Video Production & Editing • Photography • Website Design • Application of New Tech to Advertising, Marketing

Management Expertise:

  • Business Management • Business Development • Communication & Presentations • Client Relationship Building, Management • New Business Proposals, Negotiations • Service Delivery Management • Consulting • Training • Management of Creative, Development, Administration, Business Teams •


Virtual Reality Address:

11 Scafell Road
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Tel: +27 11 672 0908


Gerald Ferreira

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Ronel Ferreira

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