We are a full Three-hundred-and-sixty-degree virtual reality company from South Africa. Building local and international world class virtual reality solutions for businesses. Our clients include some of the biggest and most respected companies in South Africa like ABSA Bank, Standard Bank, DSTV, Extramarks and CNA to name a few.

We are world wide on the cutting-edge of Virtual Reality Hardware and Software Development, and are the leading virtual reality company in South Africa. We as a company strife to provide our clients with exceptional virtual reality solutions all-the-time! We frequently hear about local companies that outsource their virtual reality projects overseas, saying that they did not know about South African companies doing virtual reality software development in South Africa. Most of the time, these clients then switches their work to us! In most cases we can match or exceed “the quality of work” of our overseas competitors.

Proudly South African Custom build Virtual Reality Projects developed by us!

Here is some of the VR Projects that we worked on! – Please browse through our virtual reality website to see other virtual reality projects and virtual reality software development we have done in the Virtual Reality space.

DSTV Virtual Reality Game

More information about the DSTV Box office Virtual Reality Game that we developed.

ABSA Virtual Reality Game

More information about the ABSA Virtual Reality Game that we developed.

Standard Bank Virtual Reality Game

More about the Standard Bank Virtual Reality Game we developed

Extramarks Virtual Reality Game

Virtual Reality Events, Rentals and Activations

As part of our three-hundred-and-sixty Virtual Reality Software, Hardware and Rental options we do activations and assist clients at their Virtual Reality events!

Read more about our Virtual Reality Rentals and activation services.


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