It has been proven that people that learn via Virtual Reality Training solutions learn quicker and better comprehend what they are learning.

Virtual Reality Training South Africa

Virtual Reality is the ideal platform to provide training to employees and students!
More about Virtual Reality Training

Virtual Reality South Africa is one of the leading Virtual Reality companies in South Africa that develop Virtual reality training solutions from scratch. In the past we have been involved in creating virtual reality internal training solutions for South African companies.

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The Core Benefit of Virtual Reality Training

The most natural way for a human to learn is to learn in three dimensions. We live in a world where everything is 3D objects. In most cases we learn theory in 2d via books and videos. By turning 2D objects into 3D objects that theory becomes practical and tangible and lead to people better understanding theory by exploring it in 3D.

Advantages of virtual reality training?

  • Eliminating Risk – In virtual reality we can create a safe training environment and can control the virtual reality environment without the hazards we find in the real world.
  • We can create realistic scenarios to virtual train people in.
  • Virtual Reality improves retention and recall.
  • Virtual Reality allows for different learning styles and students and employees can learn at their own pace.
  • Can be done remotely and save time and money.
  • Simplify complex problems and situations
  • Virtual Reality Training is innovative and enjoyable.
  • People can be trained in different Virtual Reality environments and can be transported to another instantaneous.
  • Expensive infrastructure can be created in Virtual Reality without having the expensive infrastructure.
  • Space, places and Real life objects can be recreated in Virtual Reality eliminating those spaces, places and real life objects to be physically present during Virtual Reality training.

Virtual Reality Education and Training

We developed a short experiment in Virtual Reality to measure how kids react to learning in virtual reality. During one of the test we asked kids to do the science experiment in Virtual Reality and then afterwards we presented them with the real science experiment in the real world. All 50 kids tested could do the experiment in Real life without fail!


Industrial Virtual Reality Education and Training

We develop industrial training solutions whereby we create environments similar to the one below. Where people can interact with objects similar to how they would in real life.


Virtual Reality Product Training

Below is one of the Product training applications that we have developed. In the application people can learn more about the farm in a box concept by visually seeing the farm in a box project in 3D and virtual reality. Internal staff and potential clients can watch, interact with the objects and watch traditional videos inside the virtual reality experience educating them on the product and how it works.


Similar to the Virtual Reality training solution above we can create real world scenarios to look the same and act the same as in the real world but simulate it in virtual reality. Virtual Reality training solutions can be developed modular and in phases.

Best VR system for Virtual Reality Training solutions

We believe that the HTC VIVE virtual reality system is currently the best system to develop for, however we also develop high-end virtual reality training solutions for the Oculus Rift and develop for the Oculus Go and Google Cardboard platform!




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