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StandardBank Virtual Reality Activation

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We were commissioned by Standard Bank South Africa to create a high-end fun virtual reality experience for their clients. The idea was to recreate a physical bank so that people could immediately identify with the bank when the game is launched. We photographed the bank and created a 1 on 1 render of the Standard Bank Bedfordview branch. In the game people can walk through the bank, as if they are physically at the bank. All this thanks to the awesomeness of Room scale Virtual Reality and the HTC VIVE virtual reality system.

Players can explore the bank on their own time, or do something fun like Baking a Cake, Play Tenpin Bowling or go to a holiday experience. These experiences all have a “Morel of the story” type of gameplay for example: In the baking game the power goes off halfway through the baking process and then the player needs to buy electricity with their smartphone before they can complete the game. In the Tenpin Bowling Virtual Reality game, the player needs to pay for the game before they can play, and in the Holiday game, the player needs to transfer money to their best friend.

The idea is to give Standard Bank Clients a awesome experience in Virtual Reality and at the same time teach them something about the brands products. On this page we have several videos taken during actual virtual reality activations! If you look at the videos you will see that everyone enjoyed the experience, and because people are immersed into the experience got the message that the client wanted them to get from the experience!

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