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We were commissioned to create a Virtual Reality tourism stand for KwaZulu Natal Tourism in Botswana. This included creating the actual stand and probs to compliment the Virtual Reality experiences and to take the virtual reality experience to a next level.

The idea was to make the experience more believable and to use the probs to attract people to participate in the experience.

All in all, this worked very well, and we had huge numbers of people inquiring about the experience and participating in the experience.


Image of the KwaZulu Natal Tourism Virtual Reality Stand in Botswana

The Virtual Reality Zulu Dancing experience

KwaZulu-Natal have a rich Zulu culture and one of the signature experiences and traditions is Zulu dancing. To entice potential tourists to visit KwaZulu-Natal interested in the rich history and traditions the experience allowed people to see this experience for themselves in the heart of Botswana while being in virtual reality in KwaZulu Natal as if they were really there!

This once again proofed to us by the people’s reaction to the experience that virtual reality is one of the most powerful mediums to immerse people into an experience and very powerful as a marketing tool. People at the activation loved the experience without fail and being cutting edge and not something they have experienced before is likely to stay with them for years to come!

It is almost like implanting a physical experience into their conciseness as a real experience which happened in Virtual Reality but which felt as they have experienced it as real.

The Virtual Reality Tourism Zip Line Experience

KwaZulu-Natal is South Africa’s home of Adventure sports. To cater for those people who think KwaZulu Natal is only known for their blue flag beaches we had the Zip Line experience.


Above is a picture of the Zip Line Prop and the Zulu Dancing space that we created for this experience.


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