We create high quality virtual tours for accommodation providers in South africa


The Virtual Reality company is one of the authority virtual tour creators in South Africa. We have been doing virtual tours since 1998 in South Africa. We have recently acquired the Matterport scanner which creates awesome interior virtual tours.

In this example you can view the Ancient Emperor Guest Estate in Potchefstroom South Africa. The virtual tour allows clients all over the world to instantly see what the guesthouse looks like.


We create cutting-edge virtual tours for guesthouses and accommodation providers that wants to showcase their guesthouse online to potential visitors.

How we create a Virtual Tour

In the video on the left we show you the basics of how we create a virtual tour. Our clients will let us know that they are interested in a virtual tour, we would discuss our service offering with them and agree to where and when we will do the shoot.

We will arrive at the property on the day that we agreed on, do a meet and greet, walk through the property to see that everything is in place to make a good virtual tour and then start scanning the house.

For a quick process of how we create a virtual tour have a look at the video on the left.

What does our clients get as part of a virtual tour?

Here is a list of some of the things our clients get: Below this list we will go into more details.

  • Virtual Tour of their property which they can publish on their website.
  • Embedding code to share the virtual tour to online websites that advertise the property.
  • Link to a virtual tour which can be shared via all online media platform that allows for links eg:
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google Plus and many more..
    • You can send the link via SMS or Whatsapp to potential visitors.
  • Traditional Photograph Package included with the Virtual Tour.
  • Additional 360° Images which could be shared directly onto facebook.
  • 360° Video Tour of the Guesthouse.
  • Virtual Reality Tour – Can be used with Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

Virtual Tour of the Guest House

We placed one of the virtual tours to the left for you to see what it would look like. The virtual tour can be embedded into you OWN website as well as websites where you advertise your guest house (if they allow embedding of external code) – which most do!

The Virtual Tour is easy to use, you simply click on the virtual tour, and then find the spot which you want to go to, click on it and move around in the spot.

Studies have found that virtual tours increase the chance for visitors to book accommodation since they know exactly what they will get when making the booking with the establishment that have a virtual tour than one that doesn’t!

To view the virtual tour at its best click on the “Full Screen”  icon at the bottom left hand side of the virtual tour to view the tour at Full Screen.

Advertise your Guesthouse Everywhere

Once we have completed a virtual tour, we will provide our clients with “Code to Embed” into their own websites, or into websites with the guesthouse listings similarly to how we have done it on this page.

It works like “YouTube” uses embedded coding to make it possible to share YouTube videos far and wide.

This code easily integrates into WordPress developed websites as well as custom build websites so that you can add it everywhere.

In some cases “websites” will not have this feature yet, please contact them and let them no that you have a virtual tour you would like to embedded into your listing and in 90% of the cases they will be able to assist you!

Link to a virtual tour which can be shared via all online media platform that allows for links eg:

virtual tour image 02

Traditional Photograph Package included with the Virtual Tour.

With every Virtual Tour that we create we will include complimentary professional traditional photographs that you can use for free.

You will GET a minimum of 20 Images of your guesthouse for free!

We want our clients to have the best our package have to offer, by doing this we help our clients businesses to become stronger and in return our service have more value!

Get Bonus Panorama Images

Below is a panorama image – they can be used as is for print media, on your website and even on Facebook where it will be displayed as a 360° image.


Additional 360° Images which could be shared directly onto Facebook.

As part of a bonus service we will also provide you with panorama images like the image above. You can then either use the images as is for your print brochures or use it for a virtual tour on your website like the virtual tour on the left hand side.

These Panorama images is “360° Virtual Tour” images which you can also share to Facebook and other social media platforms that supports panorama and virtual tour images.

360° Video of Guest House

As an extra service we can provide you with a 360° Virtual Tour video of your Guesthouse.


All our Virtual Tours can be viewed in Virtual Reality using the Samsung Gear Virtual Reality Headsets, Google Cardboard and other Virtual Reality Headsets! Seeing it in VR is like seeing it in Real Life!

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