One of the biggest potential uses of virtual reality is to create 360° music videos. To date we have not yet been approached by a South African music artist to create a 360° Video for them. However it still remains an awesome technology and we cannot wait to do our first music video with a South African music artist.

Avicii – Waiting For Love – 360° Music Video

The 360° Music Video from Avicii have already received more than 18,816,423 Million Youtube views.

You can view the 360° on the left, or in Virtual Reality Glasses. Check out the video to see how the director and artists created this revolutionary 360° video.


Redfoo – Booty Man

This Summer – Roomie (Maroon 5 Cover)

If you do not mind the language in this video you will love the choreography, settings and 360° video techniques they used to create this video. This was also one of the first attempts at creating a 360° video for the music industry and it is very impressive!

This Summer Roomie – Maroon 5 Cover have received 1,445,646 views at last check.

Noa Neal Graffiti – 360° Music Video

This is one of the first 360° videos created for the music industry. The video was created by using six 4K GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition cameras)  – We did not do the video it was created by IQ in the UK.

We have the same Camera setup and can create a similar video for local South African Artists looking to create a 360° Music Video.

At last check on 10 March 2018 the Noa Neal Graffiti, 360° Music Video have received 1,574,577 views.


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