March 23, 2020 GeraldFerreira

The Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak have disrupted many businesses especially companies in the event industry. Many companies have planned events that now needs to be cancelled due to the State of Emergency.

We believe that Virtual Reality can play an important part during the Coronavirus outbreak and provide companies an alternative to still reach clients, steak holders and journalists in a responsible and safe way.

We have compiled some ideas on how Virtual Reality can be used in a safe and responsible way to help companies stay in touch with their clients and the media.

  • Virtual Tours
  • Events in Virtual Reality
  • Press Conferences in Virtual Reality
  • Product Launches in Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • 360° Video
  • 360° Live Video Broadcasts

Virtual Tours

With recent events in South Africa and the world people are less likely to visit your business physically over the next coming months. Government may also place us under quarantine and people will not be able to move around as normal. With virtual tours you can bring your business into peoples homes and offices and stay on top of mind!

During the next couple of weeks and possibly months to come, people will not be able to physically visit your business premises. This is the ideal time to use Virtual Tours and remind people of what your company looks like and the products that they can purchase through your store. We can add E-commerce functionality to virtual tours and allow people to browse through your stores and then purchase your products online like how they would do in the real world.


Using Virtual Reality for Events

Companies literally spend millions on events.

Events in Virtual Reality

We can create custom events in Virtual Reality like real world exhibitions. Our 3D Modelling team and virtual reality game developers can recreate exhibition stands and expo’s in virtual reality and normal desktop applications or web-based applications. Visitors to the exhibition can then walk in virtual reality or browse from stand to stand and learn more about the products offered from the exhibition. There are several advantages to having events in a digital format. One of the biggest advantages is that such a event can be live 365 days a year and not only rely on 3 or 4 days to bring in business.

Press Conferences in Virtual Reality

We can use several different technologies to bring press conferences to journalists in their quarantine and safe spaces. We can use a combination of technologies like Virtual Tours, 360° Video or high-end virtual reality to recreate press conferences with all the bells and whistles.

Product Launches in Virtual Reality

We have a variety of technologies available to bring product launches with all the bells and whistles to

Augmented Reality

360° Videos

360° video can be used to invite people into your business and allow them to walk through your facilities and make them feel less isolated.

360° Live Video Broadcasts

We can broadcast live video using our 360° Video cameras. If you want to speak to your clients or the media, you can still make them part of your message by immersing them into virtual reality using 360° video. Like Live video broadcasting we



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