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March 19, 2018 GeraldFerreira

Virtual Reality Tours captures real-world spaces in a way that allows you to explore them virtually, as if you were really there.

Showcase your property, inventory infrastructure, anytime, anywhere.

Our company recently acquired a Matterport Scanner. The Matterport Scanner is considered the “Best Commercial Available” Virtual Tour system in the world. Unlike normal 360° Images and Panorama images the Matterport Scanner creates a depth map of the property being scanned. Almost creating a true 3D Model of the property being scanned. The system is much more superior than traditional methods of creating virtual tours with a camera only.

With Virtual Tours, the benefits to you are:

  • Increase sales
  • Work smarter and more efficiently
  • Increase security and safety of agents
  • Save time, money, travel time and costs
  • Speed up your sale cycles
  • Reach online home buyers
  • Offer your clients immersive storytelling
  • Stop time wasters
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Offer your clients something they cannot say no to!

Below is several examples of Virtual Tours that we have created for South African Real Estate Agents.

Real Estate 3D Scans with Matterport Scanner

Below is some examples of our work. We are the leading Virtual Reality company in South Africa and part of our business development strategy is to also become the No1 Virtual Tour creation company for South African Real Estate Agents, Architects, Property Developers and the Hospitality Industry.

Some of our Work

How do we create Virtual Tours

We frequently asked by clients how do we create virtual tours, and how do you interact with out clients. We created the video below to show the basic concept of creating virtual tours using the Matterport Scanner. We offer a professional virtual reality photography service and will at all times make sure that we interact on a professional bases with your clients when creating virtual tours!


We make use of the latest Matterport cameras for capturing high quality virtual reality spaces. We are one of the leading Matterport Scanning providers in South Africa with extensive experience in creating virtual tours, virtual reality and augmented reality solutions.

We offer clients a full 360 Degree solution. Our aim is to provide a professional digital and tangible product that helps our clients to sell property faster and cost effective.

As a standard package we provide the following:

  • We create a virtual tour of the property (space) which can be embedded into your website, works on the internet, works on tablets and smartphones and also with Virtual Reality headsets like Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR Headset
  • We provide you with a 12 month hosting package allowing your Virtual Tour to be online for 12 Months.
  • As a bonus feature we provide you with professionally shot Traditional Photographs of the property.
  • We also make 360° images available which you can use for your website or share to social media sites like Facebook that do support 360° images.

Contact Details for Matterport Virtual Tour Scanning:

If you have any questions regarding virtual reality, augmented reality or virtual tours, you can contact  Ronel Ferreira at +27 72 9722 724 for more information.

We understand that the technology maybe new to some Real Estate agents and are more than willing to demonstrate to you how Virtual Reality can be used by your agency to help you increase your sales and become more effective in your digital marketing!

Virtual Tours in South Africa

Below is more information about the Virtual Tour Technologies that we use and other options besides the Matterport Virtual Tours that we create. Visit the links below and find out how Virtual Tours can be used to market your business online


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