Multiple HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Setup – First for South Africa

November 28, 2019
November 28, 2019 GeraldFerreira

We recently setup the biggest one-day HTC VIVE virtual reality setup in South Africa. We had 21 HTC VIVE virtual reality headsets in the same room. If you are familiar with the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality headsets and the limitations that you have with Base Station 1.0 sensors you will know that it is quite an accomplishment.

With the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality Base Stations 1.0, you have a setup limit of +/- 5 meters x 5 meters in which you can do a multiple VIVE Virtual Reality setup with 2 base stations. The led lights from the base station is not encrypted making it impossible to use more than 2 base stations next to each other without physical barrier between the HTC Virtual reality headsets and the base stations.

To make it even more complicated the Virtual Reality headsets cannot see any of the other base stations in the setup area or the tracking will be lost. We placed 2 x stations next to each other with a banner wall between them to create a physical barrier between the HTC VIVE Virtual Reality headsets. We then made sure that there is some physical dividers like “tents and flags” between the other side of the room and mirrored the setup on the other side as well.

multiple htc vive virtual reality setup

Above is an image of the render we did as part of planning the virtual reality event, and layout of the 21 HTC VIVE’s. We setup 5 Vives in a area of +/- 5 meters x 4 meters and then 5 HTC VIVE’s next to them and mirrored the installation on the other side with some distance between the opposite sides.

virtual reality mount everest

Above is an 3D Render of how we planned the Virtual Reality event would look like to give the client some idea of what to expect.

multiple vive setup

Busy setting up the Mount Everest Virtual Reality experience.

mount everest virtual reality experience

Images from the actual Virtual Reality event

Below is some images of the multiple virtual reality Vive setup and the people enjoying the experience

multiple vr setup

As part of the virtual reality experience we created a fake snow environment and a 360° panorama view of Mount Everest.

mount everest vr experience

Our Virtual Reality team stood by to make sure that everyone has a awesome experience.




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