This was one of my all time ever experience, check out the tigers in Virtual Reality!

360 Video of Tigers in South Africa

This experience easily ranks in the top 10 most awesome and unexpected experiences I have ever had. We were filming a 360° Video commercial when this guy came up to me asking me about the 360° camera. We had a very interesting conversation on Virtual Reality and Augmented reality and how this awesome technology is going to change the world.

The guy, then said to me I must come to his house, he’s got something cool that he wants me to film. After some convincing I decided I will go to his house, maybe it means business. Never in my life I thought that he is going to have something simply amazing at his house!

When we got to his house, he took me outside. I literally walked into his Tigers Cage. I have never been more surprised and amazed at the same time. He owns several farms and have TWO Tigers, a yellow tiger and a white tiger. When he is visiting his house he brings the two tigers along. Otherwise they are on his farms roaming freely!

This experience was awesome!

What would make a awesome 360° video?

If you have a suggestion of something that would make an awesome 360° video experience, talk to us and let’s see if we can make it happen!

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