Virtual Reality Tours for the South African Automotive Industry

Automotive Dealership Virtual Tours

We create Virtual Tours for Automotive Dealerships across South Africa. If you are looking to shoot your automotive dealership virtual tour talk to us today! We are the best in the industry since 1998!
Automotive Virtual Tours

Welcome to our Automotive Virtual Tour dealership pages. We at Virtual Reality South Africa have a long history with shooting panorama images and creating virtual tours of cars and trucks. Our services range from shooting vehicles in 360° exterior and 360° interiors.

One of our latest Automotive Projects included shooting the new Ferrari Roma. We shot the Ferrari on the Dealership Floor, with no special lighting or extraordinary post editing. We wanted to shoot the Ferrari as natural as possible, exactly how people would see it on the dealership floor if they had to physically go to the Ferrari Dealership.

Ferrari Roma Virtual Tour South Africa

You can view the Ferrari virtual tour below. Simply click on the image below and the virtual tour will start. To move around the car you can click on the left or right arrows. To view the car with open doors, click on the open doors navigation or any other configuration to view the Car in different stages.

The Ferrari Roma virtual tour have live guided virtual tours video conferencing. If you are interested to see how live guided tours work, send us a email requesting a live meeting and we can demonstrate the live guided feature to you! This is a very powerful tool to use to sell cars online!

The Ferrari Roma Virtual Tour project have its own dedicated website. For more information visit the official Ferrari Roma Virtual Tour website.

Automotive Dealership Virtual Tours

We created a Virtual Tour for Audi Sandton. In the virtual tours below you can browse the New Car Vehicles section of Audi or you can browse the Pre-Owned Vehicle section of Audi Sandton. The idea with these virtual tours was to show people what the audi dealership looks like but also to boost the Search Engine Optimization strategy of Audi Sandton. Virtual Tours boost companies visibility in the Search Engines. If you are interested in learning more about how Virtual Tours can boost your business online presence in the search engines talk to us!

Audi Automotive Dealership Virtual Tour New Vehicles

Audi Automotive Dealership Virtual Tour Pre-Owned Vehicles

Visit our Audi Virtual Tour page, to learn more about how Virtual Tours can benefit Automotive Businesses.

Car Show Virtual Tours

We are immensely proud of the fact that we shot the first automotive virtual tour in South Africa way back in 2004. We shot parts of the Johannesburg International Motor Show in 360° panorama images and stitched these together to create the first automotive car show virtual tour in South Africa.

Below is a Virtual Tour of the Johannesburg 2011 Car Show. Feel free to click on the image and browse around the 2011 Car Show in Virtual Reality. Virtual Tours are like time machines, when you capture an environment in Virtual Reality you can go back into time.

Bedfordview Mercedes-Benz Virtual Tour

Here is another Virtual Tour that allows you to go back into time. Explore the Mercedes-Benz Bedfordview Virtual Tour and walk around the dealership. The main purpose of these virtual tours were to boost the Search Engine Optimization strategy of the dealership. These virtual tours were also published into Google Street View allowing anyone in the world with Google Maps or Google Earth to explore the dealership in Virtual Reality.

360° Video in the Automotive Industry

Below is some 360° video that we’ve created for the Automotive Industry. For more information and advantages of virtual tours in the Automotive industry visit our page on 360° Video in the Automotive Industry.

For more information on our 360° Video services go to our <a href=””>360° Video</a> page.

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