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Here at Virtual Reality South Africa we have tons of fun when creating and executing Virtual Reality games that we custom develop for our clients. Here is one of our latest virtual reality games. That we have created for DSTV Compact. We created a Virtual Reality Karaoke game for them which is part of their weekly activation activities at the Idols competition which is held at the State Theatre in Pretoria South Africa.

Anyone at the Idols competition can get into the virtual reality karaoke game and sing karaoke in virtual reality. This allows the audience the experience of how it feels to be a contestant in a competition, the pressure that is on a performer to sing well as well as showcasing their singing talents. The Virtual Reality Karaoke game immerse clients onto a stage where they can pick a song of their choice and sing it karaoke style. There are 3 judges to judge the singing of the contestant as well as audience members cheering or booing the contestant.

About the Virtual Reality Karaoke game

When contestants put on the virtual reality headsets they are immediately immersed into the experience and find themselves on a stage with audience members and judges. They pick a song from a list of songs available inside the virtual reality karaoke game and can then sing the song of their choice.

The audience members around the stage reacts to how the contestant is singing and it doesn’t take long for the client to get more immersed into the virtual reality karaoke experience. We have seen it repeatedly at activation. “The client will start singing softly and be very shy, but after about 30 seconds they will forget about the outside world and start singing louder and loader and getting more into the virtual reality karaoke experience”.

Once the client has completed the song the activation specialist decides how well the client sang and award them with points. They simply can press 0 on the keyboard if the person did not sing well at all. This will mean that the client doesn’t get a single vote from the judges and the crowd will also boo the client.

If the activation specialist presses 1 on the keyboard the client will get one vote from one of the judges and the crowd will show mixed reactions to the singer.

If 2 is pressed on the keyboard the client will get two votes from the judges and the spectators will be slightly more excited about the singer’s performance.
To get a full vote from all the judges the activation specialists presses 3 on the keyboard. This is the ultimate number of votes that a singer can achieve, and the crowd will burst into excitement about the performance and scream, clap hands and whistle at the performance of the singer.

There is also flashing lights and spotlights flashing in the virtual reality world to award the singer with a good performance. The judges will be very excited about the performance. All in all, it is something spectacular when a singer receives all 3 votes from the judges!

360° Video from the Idols State Theater Pretoria South Africa Virtual Reality Karaoke Activation

Here are some videos that we shot on the first day of the Virtual Reality karaoke activation. The contestants and audience seemed to have love it even more than we anticipated!

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