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Considering the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in South Africa we are developing a Virtual Reality Boardroom application. The Virtual Reality Boardroom application is an immersive virtual reality experience. In the Boardroom businesspeople can have meetings as normal in Virtual Reality. The system make use of 6DOF virtual reality headsets.

This means that people are tracked inside the Virtual Reality boardroom and they will move like what they do in the real world. They can walk around in the virtual environment, pick up and interact with objects in the virtual reality boardroom. Talk to others inside the boardroom. Present or participate in presentation slideshows. Watch videos in the Virtual Reality Boardroom or as part of the presentation visit any website on the big screen in the Virtual Reality Boardroom. There are also laser pointers in the Boardroom, and they can use it to point to important information that is displayed on the big screen inside the Virtual Reality Boardroom. Each boardroom has a Whiteboard inside the experience and participants in the experience can draw on the whiteboard as they would have in the real world

boardroom virtual reality meeting

boardroom virtual reality meeting

Screenshot of 4 people inside our Virtual Reality Boardroom Application.

More Information about the Boardroom Virtual Reality application!

For more information about the Boardroom Virtual Reality application you can visit the BoardRoomVR website.

BoardroomVR logo

BoardroomVR logo

What can the Boardroom Virtual Reality Application do?

Similar to a real world boardroom meeting room. Participants can meet virtually in the Boardroom and conduct business meetings as usual. We can customize boardrooms to specific customer needs, and even have meetings in completely different scenes to your normal boardroom meetings.

  • Visitors sign into the Virtual Reality BoardroomVR application.
  • Pick a avatar to represent them in Virtual Reality.
  • Create a new Meeting Room or Join an existing Boardroom.
  • The Meeting facilitator can invite additional people into the experience.
  • The meeting facilitator can control the meeting. Mute some of the participants and generally control the boardroom meeting house rules.
  • People can interact with objects inside the boardroom and speak to each other with the built in microphones.
  • In the boardroom itself participants can present on the big screen inside the Boardroom, they can visit websites and also show video on the big screen.
  • Each boardroom have a whiteboard inside and participants can use the whiteboard to draw concepts on the whiteboard and share information with other people in the boardroom.
  • Participants head and hands are tracked and participants can see each other as they move around or gesture inside the boardroom.

Images of the Virtual Reality BoardroomVR application

Below is some images from the Virtual Reality BoardRoom VR Application.

Benefits of using the Virtual Reality Boardroom Application

Below is some of the benefits of using the BoardRoomVR software for business meetings.


High Engagement

Remove all distractions and be fully focused in the meeting.


Travel Expenses

Reduce Travel time and Travel costs.


Unlimited Space

Expand your office space digitally in Virtual Reality.


Work Anywhere

Connect to the Virtual Reality Boardroom from anywhere.



If in quarantine you can still participate in the meetings.


Save Time

Save Travel Time.

Gerald Ferreira briefly talking about BoardroomVR and the Coronavirus

We were recently interviewed by ENCA Africa on alternative Social Media interaction and how BoardRoom meetings in virtual reality can be used as an alternative to real world business meetings.

Talk to us if you are interested in BoardroomVR

If you are interested in more information about BoardRoomVR you can visit the BoardRoomVR website or contact Ronel Ferreira on Tel: +27 72 9722 724 or Tel: +27 72 234 7513

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