Virtual Reality is an awesome fit for sports!

Virtual Reality 360° Video Rugby

Virtual Reality and 360° Video is a perfect fit for sports. Here is some of the 360° video experiments we have done. The work is mostly 360° Video, in these videos you can see the Lions practice, the sharks practice and the Cheetahs.

These 360° videos were very candid shoots, if planned properly it could be a very immersive experience allowing sport fans to feel as if they are in the stadium with the players.

We shot this Candid 360° video of the Lions Rugby team practicing

Concept 360° Video Rugby Team

We shot this 360° Video to demonstrate the concept of 360° Video and VR in sports.

I personally cannot wait for big broadcasters to start using virtual reality in sports. It is going to be amazing!

Virtual Reality and 360° Video in Sports

360° Video have great potential when broadcasting sport events live in 360° degrees. To do it properly one how ever would need some investment from the sport sponsors.

Below is some examples of what others are doing in 360° Video for Sporting events

360° Video of Extreme Sports

Experience some of the coolest extreme sports from paragliding, skiing and kayaking in the Austrian Alps! Use the hotspot feature to skip to any of the extreme sports videos you want. Together with the Northern Alps Collective (NAC) we captured some innovative footage within the world of 360°.

These 360° videos can take viewers to places and events like never before. This allow people to immerse themselves into the most extreme sports as a participant and not only as a spectator.

Olympics 360° Video Basketball

Unfortunately you cannot view the video on our website, and you will have to go to the official Olympic channel to watch this video. Simply click on the YouTube link to view the video. This is a awesome example of how others are using virtual reality and 360° video to give you a ring side spectator experience.

We can assist South African Sport Teams and Broadcasters with the know-how and experience to create something similar.

360° Video Soccer

Here is another awesome 360° video and how to use 360° video in soccer. In the video to the left you get ring side seats to a soccer game and you can view the game as if you are a spectator.

This is a awesome opportunity for marketing companies and sponsors.

360° Video in Boxing

Another awesome example of 360° video in sports is the Boxing 360° video on the left.

People can get ringside seats to watch the boxing match from anywhere in the world.

One of the biggest opportunities is to sell game tickets to fans who want to view the boxing match in virtual reality. Imagine instead of 20 000 people paying to be in the stadium for the game. 1 Million or more can get ringside seats to the game.


One of the coolest things with High End Virtual Reality is that people can start playing sport games using skill and their bodies. High End virtual reality is an immersive and emerging technology and to really understand it’s true potential one has to look at virtual reality across a timeline of 100 years. Each 10 years from now we are going to see massive improvement,in display resolution, comfort, hap-tics and resistance feedback in virtual reality which is going to make it the ideal platform for professional and amateur sporting events.

High End Virtual Reality Boxing Game

This is currently one of the boxing games available for high end virtual reality devices like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Sony Playstation Virtual Reality console. In this game you use your actual body to duck punches and to move around. You also hit with your hands all tracked in Virtual Reality.

Playing such a game is surprisingly physical and one gets physical tired very quickly. The game is super fun to play, in the foreseeable future when haptics become more real, players would even be able to feel hits as the other person hits them or as they hit their opponent.

In the future two players will also be able to box against each other, and spectators will be able to watch them in virtual reality boxing.

Virtual Reality Cricket

Another awesome example is the Virtual Reality Cricket Club game developed by a virtual reality company in New Zealand. I have visited them just before they launched the game on steam and was amazed at how realistically they created the game play and the actual physics that is involved when creating a cricket game of this caliber for virtual reality.

This is a awesome game, and a awesome experience. Potentially this game could be used to train cricketers in virtual reality for when they play real games.

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