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The Metaverse, Mankind’s Newest Frontier


The world of the metaverse shows limitless potential. So does the vast community of people that have chosen to help it expand and evolve even further. Perhaps you wish to become a part of this community. It might initially seem intimidating and perhaps even confusing, but once you have gained at least a basic understanding…

metaverse south africa

The world of the metaverse shows limitless potential. So does the vast community of people that have chosen to help it expand and evolve even further. Perhaps you wish to become a part of this community. It might initially seem intimidating and perhaps even confusing, but once you have gained at least a basic understanding of the metaverse and the technology surrounding it, you will realise that it is not that complicated at all.First and foremost, it is highly important to know exactly what the Metaverse is. The Metaverse is a vast virtual world harbouring a seemingly infinite amount of possibilities. It allows different people from all across the world to interact with one another as if they were in the same room. It lets users interact with digital property as if it exists in the real world.Before making any major decisions regarding the Metaverse, you first need to ask yourself why you want to become a part of it.NFTs are what is often called the newest form of currency, taking the shape of unique digital items that your avatar can interact with in the metaverse. NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, can be represented by just about anything, whether it is music, art, virtual furniture or even a block of digital land.Much like real-world items, NFTs can be purchased with virtual currency such as Ether or Mana. They can also be sold or traded for other NFTs. The Metaverse is full of innovative creators that make and sell their own NFTs. Not unlike regular currency, the value of NFTs rapidly fluctuates but is currently rising, so if you want to become a part of this new industry, you might want to start engaging with it as soon as possible.Perhaps you don’t want to start operating in the metaverse simply for your own sake, but for the sake of improving your business. Several important companies and organisations have already established a presence in the Metaverse, with the hope of capitalising from the several new methods of communication and transaction within the Metaverse.On the other hand, perhaps you don’t want to enter the metaverse for any sort of income at all, but rather to enrich your life by connecting with friends and family from all around the world in ways that would otherwise be impossible.

Or maybe you don’t have any interest in simply just attending virtual parties or concerts with your friends, but perhaps you wish to compete against them in a virtual fighting tournament, or go with them on a fantastic adventure to far away lands within the infinite realms of the metaverse.What is widely known as “the metaverse” is rather, in actuality, a great multitude of different metaverses, each owned by different groups and organisations, some not owned by anyone at all.The various metaverses that are currently in operation share a lot of similarities in terms of what they are attempting to accomplish, but there are several factors and smaller differences that make it important to realise that not every metaverse is the same. Depending on what specific goals you are trying to fulfil, you might want to consider looking at the different metaverses and how each metaverse compliments the specific goals you wish to achieve.Created by Meta, the company at the forefront of the metaverse trend, the original “Metaverse” is what kickstarted the revolutionary concept that we know today. Placing a strong focus on self-expression and an interactive social community, the Metaverse seems ideal for users who seek a primarily recreational experience.Certain metaverses are not owned or monopolised by any singular corporate entity. They are decentralised, which means that users have a higher amount of freedom. Users can buy, sell, rent and trade NFTs and virtual property amongst themselves without any of those interactions being regulated or exploited by any large companies. Some of the most popular examples of decentralised metaverses are The Sandbox and Decentraland. A large disadvantage of these metaverses, however, is that they cannot be accessed with virtual reality, which severely hinders the immersion and ultimately makes for a potentially underwhelming experience.the sandbox metaverseThe metaverse can be accessed via multiple different methods. However the ideal way of connecting with the metaverse is with virtual reality.There are primarily two main types of VR headsets.

Tethered headsets possess a higher capacity for better performance and graphics. Unfortunately their high quality hardware requires them to be connected to a laptop or desktop computer at all times. Naturally, this involves several cables, which could be a potential safety hazard and defeat the immersion of your virtual experience.On the other hand, wireless headsets, as the name suggests, require no cables to be connected in order for them to function properly, allowing for a far greater experience in freedom and movement. Unfortunately, this increased freedom comes at the severe cost of greatly reduced graphical and performance quality.If you cannot afford any sort of VR headset but you have a computer, you will still be able to have access to certain metaverses, although the experience will not be as immersive or rewarding as an experience with a headset. If you are able to afford a  VR headset and you decide to purchase a tethered headset, it is important to know that you will need a relatively high quality computer to be able to operate it. Whereas with a wireless headset, little to no additional hardware is required.It is a relatively common first instinct to want to buy a new, very advanced headset. A popular example of such a headset would be the Valve Index, a truly remarkable piece of technological innovation. Its ergonomic design allows for the optimal experience in comfort. Its high-end display, highly responsive controllers and incredibly advanced motion trackers come together for a highly immersive and engaging experience. However, this high quality piece of technology might not be accessible to everyone due to its high price.Many people who show true interest in virtual reality are unfortunately not financially equipped to purchase a vr headset of decent quality. However, for those who have smartphones there is a very inexpensive alternative that comes at the cost of severely limited functional capability. Headsets like Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard are incredibly affordable to the vast majority of prospective users. They generally only require a smartphone to function, although certain devices are also compatible with controllers that might help to enhance the immersion and interactivity of the experience. Unfortunately, due to most smartphones’ limited capability, these devices are often far from being graphically groundbreaking and offer a relatively low amount of immersion compared to their higher-quality gear vrBy far one of the most popular options for VR headsets, the Oculus Quest 2 is relatively inexpensive for a high-end headset. It is completely wireless and allows for maximum freedom, but can still be connected to a computer to add additional quality to its graphics.Technology is always evolving, as is humanity’s relationship with technology. The Metaverse is the next step in this evolution. Just like with most new changes in our society, it can be difficult to understand. With the right equipment, and the right information at your can also evolve and become a part of the metaverse.