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April 16, 2016
April 16, 2016 GeraldFerreira

The Virtual Reality Agency is based in Johannesburg South Africa. We offer the full three hundred and sixty solution when it comes to producing 360° virtual reality video’s and virtual reality application, software and development of VR Solutions.


Virtual Reality for Google Cardboard

Currently one of the most popular platforms for Virtual Reality is the Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset.

Google created the cardboard headset and software that enable developers to create VR Solutions that people can view using the Google Cardboard Headset.

This model is particularly popular with companies that are interested to present their infrastructure, services or products to clients. Mainly because 360° video is awesome and a great way to advertise, market or educate people about their business. The Google Cardboard device is extremely affordable since it cost anything from $10.00 to $20.00. It works with a smartphone allowing anyone with a Google Cardboard headset to experience the awesomeness of virtual reality.


Virtual Reality for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift

Samsung recently launched their virtual reality headset the Samsung Gear VR, the Samsung Smartphone S7 Galaxy works with the Samsung Gear VR headset to offer a better virtual reality experience than the cheaper cardboard version. These headsets are becoming more popular as more and more people invests in higher quality Virtual Reality headsets after experiencing virtual reality for the first time using a google cardboard virtual reality headset.

Samsung South Africa also promoted the Samsung Gear VR extensively in South Africa, making use of Radio, Television, Newspaper, and Billboard advertising. This resulted in the South African public being very educated about virtual reality. Samsung South Africa also ran a promotion with the launch of the Samsung S7 smartphone giving a Samsung Gear VR with the purchase of a Samsung S7 phone.

High Quality Virtual Reality Headsets

Samsung is not the only company with a high quality virtual reality headset. Several other companies like HTC and Huawei also developed high quality VR headsets and there is at least 10 alternatives available to South Africans. Most of these other headsets works with almost all makes and models of smartphones that have an accelerometer or a gyroscope. Allowing people with smartphones like the LG G series, Sony, Windows and Samsung S series of phones to name a few the opportunity to also experience virtual reality using a VR Headset.

Can you only view virtual reality on a VR Headset

To experience virtual reality as the experience that it is meant to be, it is highly recommended that you use a virtual reality headset to watch or interact with the experience. The virtual reality headset changes everything when watching it via the headset. People and places are better sized and people and places look similar sized as what these places would have looked like if you were physical at that place or looking at real people. The mind is also tricked into thinking and experience the vr application as real.

Companies can however get more from their virtual reality applications and market these applications to a wider audience. It is possible to publish Virtual Reality experiences to their websites.and clients can experience the VR experience on the company’s website without the need for a VR Headset.

The VR experience can also be experienced on a Tablet or Smartphone without a VR Headset. Customers can move around, tilt and interact with the experience just as they would if using a headset. The only difference being that the person will not be immersed in the VR.

Both YouTube and Facebook now supports the uploading of 360° videos. Companies publishing 360° videos can now distribute to these platforms, allowing anyone on Facebook or YouTube to experience the 360° video with or without having to have a headset.

We found that people are hungry to experience Virtual Reality and 360° video’s making it the ideal platform for companies looking for innovative means to market to existing and potential clients.

What do we do and how can Virtual Reality help your business?

We offer a complete 360 Degree virtual reality solution for companies interested in venturing into virtual reality. Our company are based in Johannesburg South Africa, but can assist companies anywhere in the world with affordable and high quality 360° video production and virtual reality application development.

  • Conceptualize virtual reality projects
  • 3D product visualization
  • Produce virtual reality media
  • Distribute virtual reality media
  • Optimize interactive virtual reality
  • Immersive virtual tours
  • 360° video production planning
  • 360° video filming
  • 360° video distribution via YouTube, Google+ and Facebook.
  • Custom 360° video distribution via website, application, CD or memory cards.
  • 360° video PR and distribution to the media
  • Using the power of virtual reality, connects people with unique virtual experiences.
  • Individuals can easily share, and enjoy virtual reality content on their VR headsets, mobile devices, and desktops.
  • Businesses and institutions can create scalable virtual reality experiences with our technology and production.
  • We create highly engaging and interactive VR experiences that add prominence to our clients’ sales and marketing efforts, boosting engagement, generating qualified leads, and increasing conversion rates.

If you are looking for a Virtual Reality solution, or need help with any virtual reality project you have planned. You can contact us and we can work together making your virtual reality dreams a reality!


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