The Virtual Reality Agency is based in Johannesburg South Africa. The Virtual Reality agency produce virtual reality software solutions to businesses interested in creating their own virtual reality solutions. The Virtual Reality agency specialize in 360° video filming and 360° video production. We have developed our own high end 360° camera system and software solutions, and can create custom virtual reality solutions to our clients build from the ground up.


360° Video Filming

We can provide a complete Virtual Reality and 360° video production service, or you can hire us for your specific needs only. We have created a 10 camera system to film 360° video. The 10 camera system provides high quality 360° video. We can shoot in HD, 2K and 4K depending on your film needs. Our team of Virtual Reality camera men are trained in filming 360° video and are more than capable in assisting you with the filming of your 360° video.

360° Video Production

Our team of Virtual Reality video artists specialize in 360° video production. They can provide stitching services as well as pre-production and post production services. Overlaying logos, animation and text on your 360° video’s. Contact our virtual reality agency if you are interested in our 360° video production services.

Google Street View Filming

Our company create Virtual Tours and we film scenes for Google Street View. If you are looking for a Virtual Tour for your website or if you want to get your business included into the Google Street View and Google Maps application we can film your business as well as upload your images to Google Maps and Google Street View. According to independent research and research done by Google there is lots of benefits for your business when you create a virtual tour of your business.

VR Agency Johannesburg South Africa

The Virtual Reality company address is: 11 Scafell Road, Floracliffe, Johannesburg, South Africa 1709. You can also contact us via the virtual reality contact us page, or you can phone us on Tel: 011 475 595 4691.


Virtual Reality Address:

11 Scafell Road
South Africa

Tel: +27 72 234 7513
Tel: +27 11 672 0908


Gerald Ferreira

Mobile: +27 72 234 7513

Ronel Ferreira

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Tel: +27 11 672 0908