Virtual Reality is a answer to deal with Pandemics like the Coronavirus

March 13, 2020 GeraldFerreira

Covid-19 also known as the Coronavirus has a huge impact on life as we know it especially when it comes to socializing. We as humans need social interaction to maintain our sanity but Covid-19 forbids it to such a degree that Football players play for empty stadiums, some of the biggest music festivals like Coachella cancelled due to the threat Covid-19 possess and it doesn’t stop there  GDC, SXSW and E3 have also been cancelled.

This results in millions in profits that have been lost. Google don’t want their employees to come to office and would rather let them work from home putting hold on all meetings, conferences the list goes on we are forced by Covid-19 to put our social and business lives on hold.

What do we do to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and carry on with business as usual?

  • Do we condemn any social face to face interaction?
  • Do we ignore the risks of Covid-19?

To me none of those options sound appealing, but what if there is a better solution what if we can attend social events, conferences, meetings, festivals and sport events with 1000’s of people from all around the world interacting with those people without being afraid of Covid-19 without physically being there, and no I’m not suggesting astral projection.

How do we stay productive and interact with people in a safe environment and what can we do to stay productive even when under quarantine?

The answer is Virtual Reality in VR we can come together and attend all the events we would like to all in our comfort safety bubble we call home if you thought that was the only benefit was that you are less likely to get infected by Covid-19 you are mistaken. if you attend events in VR safely and comfortably at home it also means you no longer need to worry about a way to get to the event which means no plain tickets no need to order a uber no need to worry about the middle man called Travel no need to empty your wallet to pay the fees Travel requires your only concern when it comes to VR events is a stable and somewhat fast internet connection to sign into the events server and do all the same things you would normally do at such an event

This is what makes VR 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) so appealing as it tracks your body, hands and eye movement it allows you to engage in conversation I’m not talking about writing a message in VR although possible I’m talking about physically speaking to people at the event with your own voice. You will be able to move freely in the Virtual Event interact with products, demo those products, attend speeches, give speeches and even purchase products online at the event. The possibilities are endless. You might think this is way ahead of our time but I insure you this is not the case we can achieve this with the technology made available to us at the moment we don’t even need to be tethered to a computer as made possible by the new Oculus Quest this. Virtual Reality is constantly improving think about what is possible now and then think what could be possible in five, ten, twenty years’ time.

The first Educators in Vr summit Took Place this year in Virtual Reality. It featured 170 speakers in over 150 events on 5 different virtual platforms over 6 days, and an estimated 6,000 people attended. A volunteer team of 75 people made this possible. Making it the biggest VR conference in history if this already possible what else could be achieved with what is made available to us through Virtual Reality not to mention what could be possible in the future.

With that said instead of booking a flight, ordering your uber, standing in the line to check in your luggage, waiting at the boarding gate not knowing if you flight is going to be delayed or cancelled, sitting in the plane with a toddler constantly crying in your ear, deboarding, waiting for your luggage, ordering your uber and finally attend the meeting but rather put on your headset, sign in and attend the meeting where you are free to do as you would in the past with all the PowerPoint presentation and videos you require to sell your ideas or get that contract you absolutely need and when the meeting is complete there is no need to go through the same tedious procedure as previously mentioned it is as easy as taking you headset of and continue with day to day life giving you more time to focus on business.

Now I ask why to go through dealing with people in real life? When you can deal with them in Virtual Reality where your safe from all contagious illnesses even safe from pandemic like Covid-19 and you also get the added benefits of being in the comfort of your own home.


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