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May 23, 2019
May 23, 2019 GeraldFerreira

We were recently commissioned by Pioneers Lodge based at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to assist them with creating architecture visualizations for their new Lodge development.

The property hasn’t yet been developed and they wanted to use the architectural virtualization as part of their marketing material to raise interest in the project.

They provided us with detailed information about the project like paint colour, textures of wallpaper, pictures of the furniture and some rough sketches and architecture 2D plans and ideas. Below is the final product of how they have envisioned the lodge would look like.

Virtual Reality Architectural Visualization

Below is one of the renders that we created from scratch – This is what the Pioneers Lodge in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe will look like once it has been developed.


Virtual Reality Architectural Visualization of a Property Development - Bedroom

Below is one of the renders that we created of what the Pioneers Lodge bedrooms will look like. The property developers have already selected the furniture, colors, wall paper, mirrors, taps etc which would be used for the bedrooms. We modeled these to be included in the render for more realism.


If you are in Property Development and want renders like the above before the property has been developed talk to us!

Virtual Reality South Africa offers various options to property developers and architects whom want to create renders and visualizations of spaces before they exist! Talk to us and find out how we can add benefit to your property development projects!

Virtual Reality Visualization of existing properties and spaces

As part of our Virtual Reality services we also offer Virtual Tours of existing properties and spaces. Below you can see some of our previous projects using Virtual Tours.

Virtual Reality Fly Through

We can also create videos for you similar to the one below.


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