We are about to launch our first Virtual Reality Game on Steam and Oculus Stores

December 20, 2018
December 20, 2018 GeraldFerreira

We are soon launching our first Commercial Virtual Reality Game on Oculus Store and Steam – visit our dedicated pages for the virtual reality game for more information!

Over the past couple of months, we have been working on our first commercial Virtual Reality game. Here at Virtual Reality we do lots of Virtual Reality activations and Virtual Reality events and most of the time the games that you get commercially is not suitable for quick activations and events.

We decided that we are going to create a set of games that could be used at virtual reality events, activations and in virtual reality arcades. Or simply by anyone who owns a high-end virtual reality headset like the HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift virtual reality systems that wants to show their friends how awesome virtual reality is, quickly and effectively!

The purpose of our games is to introduce people to High-End Virtual Reality and to give them an unforgettable experience and to showcase the possibilities of virtual reality in a short space of time. We decided to create 4 games that plays on peoples naturally fear of heights. It is not only for people that have a height phobia but in fact for everyone. We found that is a very natural reaction for people to fear heights especially in virtual reality.

If it is the first time that people experience virtual reality, they will love the game and will not believe how their own minds got tricked into believing that the virtual reality world is real and that they were indeed transported to a whole new world.

Our Virtual Reality Game consists of 4 games. The first one is “African Adventure”, the second one the “Mars Mines”, the third one “Dangerous Dinosaurs” and the forth one “Walk the Plank”. Each game starts in a relaxed setting slowly immersing people into the experience. The longer they stay in the experience the more they get immersed into the experience and the more believable the experiences becomes.

The games do not offer much of a replay value to players, once you have played the game the changes are that the novelty of the experience is going to wear off quickly. However, for a first-time player it is going to be mind-blowing. Making it one of the best games to showcase virtual reality to friends, family or clients whom haven’t experienced high-end virtual reality games before.

Below is a break down of the 4 different games in the all in one arcade version that we will be releasing soon on both Steam and the Oculus store. The game is compatible with the HTC VIVE virtual reality system and the Oculus Rift virtual reality system. For corporate clients we can customize the games to include their branding and logos.

Preview of our Virtual Reality Games

Our Virtual Reality Game consist of 4 Main Games each with its own theme allowing players to be introduced to high-end VR for the first time!



The Virtual Reality game takes place in Africa. You have to Zip Line from one platform to the other. At each platform you get to see some of the best wildlife Africa has to offer. In the experience you can see water holes, Zebras, Springbucks and the Big 5.

At the end of the game their is a twist letting you know that wild animals is wild animals and not something to play with.



In this game you start at the bottom of a elevator looking at a city scene. We encourage players to look around and stay on the ground for a good amount of time. Directing them to look at the cars and the people walking around. This helps to get people completely immersed into the experience. Once they are immersed the brain takes over and they start believing that what they see is real.



Have you stepped onto mars most likely not, neither have we! yet it didn’t stop us from creating a game on what we think it would be like. We created a science fiction city of a mining town on mars. In the game you start on top of a mining shaft on mars. You can look out onto the scenery and enjoy the beautiful sky-scene from mars. Behind you is an elevator. Instead of going up you will be going down!



Who doesn’t like the mystery behind dinosaurs? We create a game that takes you down a river in ancient dinosaur times. While you go down the river you get to see several dinosaurs in what we believe was their natural habitat.

Some dinosaurs are friendly, others not so friendly and outright dangerous but you are relatively safe the whole ride until you get at the end of the game, where you will get to experience one of the thrills virtual reality has to offer!

For more information on our virtual reality game visit https://virtual-reality-arcade-games.com/


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