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December 2, 2019
December 2, 2019 GeraldFerreira

The 4th industrial revolution is upon us and we might become consumers instead of innovators in the industry. The 4th industrial revolution is going to make it easier for companies to mass manufacture vehicles or products and many people whom are currently employed at these factories will be retrenched as robots fill their jobs.

People doing statistical jobs like accountants or data analysts or trend planners. With artificial intelligence mass access to statistical information, automated accounting and big data analysis many of these people will find themselves without Jobs once the 4th industrial revolution becomes a reality. Event teachers might become something from the past as people can learn in virtual reality or in online classrooms at their own convenience and at their own pace.

All is however not doom and gloom if we look at what is to come, and the benefits that the 4th industrial revolution will bring might not be what people expect.

In the beginning many people whom will find themselves without jobs will have to adapt and enjoy the advantages that will come with the 4th industrial revolution and will need to re-skill themselves to make a living within the 4th industrial revolution. However, we see the end goal of automation and super artificial intelligence as the next moment in humanity where people will be able to enjoy living more than what they currently do with their nine to five jobs. Humans will become thinkers and have more time to explore their own humanity, spend time with kids or go on adventures.

4th industrial revolution south africa

Instead of Working harder we will be working smarter

If robots can take care of manufacturing and food production and Artificial intelligence can take care of analytics, trends and all the everyday things that required human intervention we will be covered.

  • Imagine if Robots manufacture our food.
  • Robots build our Cars and Homes and all the products that we need.
  • Robots take care of our health needs.
  • Medicine and Health care evolves to Robots doing surgeries and Artificial Intelligence prevents medical conditions from escalating – Prevention is better than cure.
  • Robots repair infrastructure, like roads, build dams, build housing etc
  • Artificial Intelligence, innovate and find solutions to human problems.

What role will humans play in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Humans will not have to work as hard as they currently do! We will have more time for each other and opportunities to relax, philosophy or spend time on things that is important to us!

  • We will need to think of ways to enhance humanity further.
  • We will have much more leisure time and will not have to work as hard as we currently do.
  • We will not go hungry and will have all the food that we can eat.
  • We will have all our basic needs covered like clothing, food, transportation, roof over our heads and access to technology at no cost or a fraction of the cost that we pay for things today!

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will play a HUGE role in the 4th Industrial Revolution

With the technology currently available to us, we can develop custom training solutions today that can set the highest of standards in a education or training environment. We can teach people anywhere in the world how to do something by placing them in a Virtual Reality simulation whether they have access to physical resources or not.

4th industrial revolution education

Above is a image of a Science Experiment that we have developed in Virtual Reality. For more information on Educational solutions in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality go to our Virtual Reality Highlights page to see how the technology is already changing education.

For example, children in a rural school without a science laboratory can put on their headsets and do a science experience in a fully state of the art laboratory, with a fully trained science teacher as if they had access to the physical infrastructure and science equipment. The beauty of virtual reality is that it is just as applicable to people whom are privileged and do have access to the best of the best that the education industry have to offer.

In Virtual Reality we can provide the infrastructure to people when they need it without having to need the physical infrastructure. We can simply recreate the infrastructure in VR and as the technology evolves people will not be able to distinguish between what is real and what is not real!

Visit our Virtual Reality site or our Mixed Reality site to see what is currently already possible within the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality space. Now think of what would be possible in 10 years from now, 50 years from now or even a 100 years from now!

For more information on the 4th Industrial Revolution read this article on the 4th Industrial Revolution.


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