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Matterport Virtual Tours

We use the Matterport Virtual Tour 3D Scanner to create Ultra Realistic Virtual Tours.
Matterport Virtual Tours

Matterport Virtual Tours uses a patented and proprietary system to create ultra realistic virtual tours. The Matterport Virtual Tour Scanner is a high-end Photography device and lower-end Lidar 3D Scanning system in one.

Advantages: The main advantages of using the Matterport 3D Scanner virtual tours is the quality of the experience.

Cons: The Matterport system is expensive and in a closed environment – you cannot host the virtual tour on your own servers.

For more information on Matterport Virtual Reality Tours South Africa visit the Matterport Virtual Reality Tours South Africa page.


3D virtual tours aren’t just for properties and big businesses. Business across markets use virtual tours to secure their position as technology leaders and set themselves apart from the competition. Virtual Tours is also an important Search Engine Optimization tool. Let your business stand out with Google Street View.


  • We 3D Scan your property with our professional virtual tour camera.
  • Your complete 3D Space is ready to explore within 12-48 hours.
  • The 3D scanned model is hosted free for 6 months.


Matterport Virtual Tours is one of the most realistic, immersive ways to explore a property online remotely on the internet today. The Matterport Virtual Tour is a 3D Scan of the property and accessible on Desktops, Tablets and Mobile Phones. There is no need to download any additional software and the Matterport Virtual Tours will play natively in most browsers.


A Matterport Virtual Tour 3D scan is a complete and accurate 3D representation of a property, object or space. To create this 3D Scan we use the Matterport 2D Scanner. The scanner is placed at the property and depending on the detail needed the camera is placed and scan 2 Meters apart from previous scan points to create the 3D Scan.

Once the data is processed users can experience the property, object or spaces it on web, on mobile or in virtual reality. The scan comes with a 3D Model top view in Matterport Virtual Tour circles it is referred to as the “Dollhouse” view. The Dollhouse view offers a whole property at once view.

The 3D Scans also comes with a floorplan view for a top-down perspective. The tour itself consists of 360° Views, 360° Panoramas and 3D Scans allowing people to “Walk” from one space to the other. People can walk through the interior and exterior like they are really there.

This makes Matterport Virtual Tours one of the most powerful tools to market places and spaces remotely!

Matterport Virtual Tour Examples

Below is some of the matterport virtual tour scans that we have done. If you are interested in getting your own virtual tours for your company talk to us today. We are the most experienced Virtual Reality company in South Africa. We’ve been creating Virtual Tours since 1998!

Ferrari Roma

Explore the Ferrari Roma in Virtual Reality. We create custom virtual reality tours for Automotive Dealers. These type of Virtual Tours can also be used for product launches.

Edutech Exhibition and Expo in Virtual Reality

Explore the Edutech 2019 Exhibition in Virtual Reality. We created a Virtual Tour of the 2019 Edutech exhibition which were held at the Sandton Convention Center.

Virtual Tours Commercial Property Rentals

The Matterport virtual tours are ideal to showcase Commercial Property Rentals. In many cases rental decisions are made from head office in such cases decision makers can view the property and spaces remotely.

Investment Virtual Tours

Explore the Dube TradePort in Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. Showcase infrastructure remotely. This Virtual Tour is part of a broader solution.

Virtual Tours for Tourism Infrastructure

We have 3D Scanned large parts of the King Shaka International Airport in KwaZulu Natal. This Virtual Tour showcases the Airport to potential Tourists and can be linked from Tourism properties in the area to showcase the KwaZulu Natal first world infrastructure to local or international tourists.

Investment Virtual Tours Dube AgriHouse

We 3D Scanned some of the spaces which forms part of the Dube TradePort infrastructure. Take a Virtual Tour of the Dube AgriHouse and surroundings.

Virtual Tour South African Factory

We created a 3D Scan of a South African Warehouse and Factory. Explore infrastructure remotely and showcase infrastructure to clients remotely.

Virtual Tours of South African Exhibitions

We create ultra realistic 3D Scans of South African events and exhibitions. Walk through the African Construction Expo 2019 exhibition and explore the exhibition on your own.

Virtual Tour of Audi Sandton Pre-Owned Vehicles

We create virtual tours of automotive dealerships. Explore the Virtual Tour of the Audi Sandton Dealership which we scanned. Combined with Live Guided Virtual Tours. These types of tours can help dealerships sell cars remotely.

Audi Sandton South Africa Virtual Tour

Explore and walk through the new vehicles dealership and pick your new Audi vehicle straight from the dealership floor. We create Virtual Tours for automotive dealerships and local businesses. Combined with Live Virtual Tours these tours becomes a powerful sales tool for businesses.

Virtual Tour of Damaged Property

Virtual Tours are ideal to create Digital Twins and capture damaged or vandalized properties. The insurance company can access the tour to assess damage, invite contractors and builders to quote on the repair of these damages.

Showcase Large Industrial Installations or Infrastructure

Matterport Virtual Tours is the ideal tool to showcase large industrial assets and infrastructure. Explore this Water Treatment plant and learn more about the various projects the company have completed and their infrastructure.

Virtual Tour of Properties for Sale

Want to sell your property? Virtual Tours offers all the tools you or the agents selling the property needs to sell it remotely. Virtual Tours have been proven to sell homes faster and eliminate traffic to the property.

Virtual Tours Tourism – Guest Houses

This Guesthouse uses Virtual Tours to showcase their rooms and amenities to tourists and visitors remotely. Virtual Tourism boost visitors confidence in the property by offering the Virtual Tour to potential clients, having the potential to increase bookings.

We create Matterport Virtual Tours in South Africa

We are one of the leading Matterport Virtual Tour partner companies in South Africa. However we use different technologies for different projects. If interested in the various virtual tour technologies that our company uses please visit our main Virtual Tour page for more information.

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