We use only the BEST equipment to create Virtual Tours and Panorama Images.


The Insta Pro 2 360° Camera is a professional graded 360° Camera.
Insta Pro 2 Virtual Tours

We use the InstaPro2 360° Camera as part of our tools to shoot and capture 360° panorama images. The InstaPro2 360° Camera is a professional graded 360° camera which cost in the region of +/- R130 000.00. Advantages: The camera allows us to rapidly take 360° Panorama images. It takes a panorama image with one shot, making it ideal to shoot high traffic areas, and spaces with lots of movement. Cons: The 360° Images quality cannot be compared to the DSLR Method of capturing 360° Panorama Images. The DSLR images will always be better than the images from the InstaPro2 360° Camera.

Professional Virtual Tour Photographers South Africa

If you are looking for Professional Virtual Tour Photographers you have come to the right place. We ar Virtual Reality South Africa have tons of experience when it comes to shooting 360° Panorama images and creating Virtual Tours. For more information you can visit our Virtual Tour pages or visit the links below to learn more about our Virtual Tour services.

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